About Us

We are the leading floor sanding company in Dublin. Assured Sanding was established in 1971 and are a second generation family business involved in French Polishing. Our aim is to produce the highest standard in floor sanding. In order to give the best results for your floors we use the most modern equipment available. We have continually improved our methods to produce highly finished wooden floors. All our staff are fully trained in using this equipment.


You will see the difference.


Dust Free Floor Sanding

We provide a dust free floor sanding service. All out machines are fitted with hepa grade cyclonic filters which makes the machine virtually dust free. We will clean up all our waste and dispose of it.


“We Bring out the best in Wooden Floors”


Call 086-8131757 or 01-2750992 for more information

Or email assuredfloorsanding@gmail.com


What is the Cost?

This really depends on size, the condition of the floor and finish required. Smaller jobs can be quoted over phone but best to give us a call for a free on site quotation.

Do I need to move the furniture?

Its best to have all areas cleared before sanding however we can help by lifting heavier items and we provide industrial tarpaulins for furniture to go outside!
Is it really Dust free?

All our eqiupment is matched to hepa grade cyclonic filters which makes our sanding machines virtually dust free. All debris is then removed on completion of work.
Is there much noise?

The sanding machines are very noisy and with floor preperation you will definitley know we are sanding away.
Is it possible to stain or change the colour of the floor?

Usually after the first run of the sander we apply several stains on your floor from lime wash white to dark oak.When you decide the correct colour we proceed and stain the entire floor.
How long will it take?

Smaller jobs will take one day but most work runs over two days. Best to keep foot traffic clear within this period and allow an extra day for staining.

Is it safe to keep Pets around?

Because of noise and general disruption of main living areas we recommend pets given a small vacation or kept well away from the sanding.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.